Avatar Store

Publish your avatar, aura, or emote to the Spatial Avatar Store for other users to purchase and use in any Spatial experience.

Spatial users can buy various items from the Avatar Store to customize their avatar. It can be accessed at https://www.spatial.io/store or from any Spatial space by clicking on your profile picture in the top right corner. It currently supports the following item types:

Spatial Avatar Store

As a Spatial creator, you can submit your items to the store for others to purchase with Spatial Coins!

Asset Guidelines

General Guidelines

Follow these guidelines when creating assets for the Avatar Store:

  • Follow the Spatial Community Guidelines and Terms of Use
  • Do not use any Spatial-created assets or official Spatial branding
  • Only sell items that you have permission to sell. If you are not the original creator or owner of the IP, you must have permission from the IP owner to sell their content or inspired content.
  • Do not create items that are overly similar to existing items on the Store.

Thumbnail Guidelines

Providing a good thumbnail is essential for selling your item. Follow these guidelines when creating a thumbnail.


  • Focus on a portrait view of your avatar (chest and up)
  • The avatar should be facing straight and slightly to the right
  • The avatar’s outline should not have any white fringe

Avatar Thumbnail Guidelines


  • Have a single "focal element" that represents your aura
  • Utilize color! Bright, vibrant colors are more eye-catching

Aura Thumbnail Guidelines


  • Find a silhouette that accurately illustrates your emote
  • Set the silhouette's color to #B7FFFE

Emote Thumbnail Guidelines

Pricing Guidelines

Items in the store should be priced in Spatial Coins in the following price ranges. The price should reflect the quality and uniqueness of the item.

499 - 1999199 - 999199 - 999

Items should be priced in an amount ending in 99 (599, 699, 799, etc.)

Boximus Avatar

Sell your Asset on the Store


Before applying to have your item listed on the Avatar Store, you first must apply and be approved for Monetization.

Click here to apply for Monetization.

Next, you'll need an Avatar, Aura, or Emote item to submit to the store. If you don't have one yet, follow the steps below to create one! If you already have an item you'd like to use, you can skip to the Submitting the Asset section.

Create and Publish your Asset

To submit an asset to the Store, you will first need to publish an Avatar, Aura (Avatar Attachment), or Emote (Avatar Animation) package. Ensure that the package's Usage Context is set to Universal. World context items will NOT be accepted!

Set the package's Usage Context to Universal

Once your package is published, create an item in Spatial Studio with the package. Be sure to:

  • Set the item for sale
  • Price it in Spatial Coins
  • Enable the Universal Item toggle
  • After the item is created, don't forget to publish it

The item can be in any world of your choosing. In general, we recommend using a new, empty world for assets submitted to the Store unless you have a specific reason to use an existing world.


To create a new world, create the world in the Creator Toolkit in Unity, then publish a Space Package that is associated with that world.

Submitting the Asset

Once you've published your package and created an item, you're ready to submit the item to the Avatar Store for review!

Click here to submit your item to the Avatar Store!

The Spatial team will review your submission and let you know if it's been approved or if there are any changes that need to be made.