Help and Community

Spatial has a large and active global community to help you with your project. Find resources, ask questions, and connect with other creators!


Get help and and connect with other creators on the Spatial Discord server. The Spatial team is active on Discord and will do our best to answer any questions you may have.

Be sure to give yourself the Developer role to get access to the #toolkit-sdk-forum channel. Keep an eye on the #creator-toolkit-updates channel for the latest news and announcements about the Creator Toolkit!

GitHub Discussions

Another great place to ask questions and find resources is GitHub Discussions. The Spatial team monitors this forum closely and will answer questions directly. You can also search for existing discussions to see if your question has already been answered.

An advantage to using GitHub discussions is that it's easier to search for existing questions and answers so you can find the information you need more quickly!


Feedback for the Spatial Creator Toolkit and the Spatial Platform is always welcome and highly appreciated. You can leave feedback for the documentation using the "Leave feedback" button at the bottom of every page. For general ideas and feedback, we recommend you share in the #ideas-and-feedback channel on Discord.

Your input helps us improve the Creator Toolkit and Spatial Platform for everyone!


Follow Spatial on Twitter / X for the latest updates, and subscribe to the Spatial YouTube channel for videos and tutorials on the Creator Toolkit and beyond.