Welcome to the Spatial Creator Toolkit! The Creator Toolkit is the easiest way to build, publish, and monetize your Unity games and experiences. You can publish your creations to web, mobile, and VR in one click. Full support is provided for C# scripting, multiplayer (networking), custom avatars, avatar animations, data persistence, fixed/dynamic camera modes, and so much more!

Ready to get started? You'll need a free Spatial account and a supported version of Unity.

Create a Spatial Account

Click here to create a new account. It's 100% free and always will be. A Spatial account is required to test and publish Creator Toolkit projects to the Spatial platform.

Install Unity

Unity Hub

Click here to download the Unity Hub installer. Unity Hub lets you download and manage different Unity Editor versions. The Creator Toolkit requires Unity 2021.3.21f.

Unity Editor

Use Unity Hub to install Unity 2021.3.21f. You must use Unity 2021.3.21f, other versions of Unity are not supported.

You must include the WebGL Build Support module during the installation.

Image showing the webgl build support module selected during installation

Download the Starter Template

Once you've created a Spatial account and installed Unity, you're ready to start building!

Click here to download the Starter Template. The Spatial Starter Template is required to use the Creator Toolkit, even if you plan on using an existing Unity project. Extract the .zip archive and open the project inside Unity Hub.

Start Your First Project

Once the project is open and loaded, you're ready to set up your first project!