Spatial Packages

Spatial packages are raw assets that can be loaded into the Spatial app. Packages are created in Unity, and published to Spatial using the Spatial portal inside the Unity editor.

Creating a Package

To create your first package open the Spatial portal by clicking the gear on the Unity toolbar.

Image showing the gear icon highlighted in the Unity toolbar

Inside the Config tab new packages can be created by selected a type then pressing the Create button.

Image highlighting the create package button inside the spatial portal

Each package type has a different configuration panel where you can define the contents and properties of the package.

Each package type has a field that requires a certain asset type. When you upload a package to Spatial this asset gets uploaded.

Image of an avatar config with a prefab highlighted


When a package is published to Spatial it gets assigned an SKU. This is a unique identifier tied to the package as it exists on Spatial's servers. If you lose your project, SKU's published to spatial will still exist and can be overwritten.

A full list of your uploaded packages and SKU's can be found at

What's Next

Each package type requires unique configuration.