A badge can be rewarded to players and is displayed on their profile. It is often rewarded for completing a Quest or reaching a high score/achievement.



Badges can only be rewarded in Space packages, not in Space Templates. See Spaces & Space Templates to learn about the difference between spaces and space templates here:

Creating a Badge

New badges can be created using Spatial Studio. Here’s how:

  1. Select the World you would like to create the badge for. See Economy Overview for more information on Worlds.

  2. Select the Badges tab


  3. Press the + New Badge button, and follow the steps for creating a new badge.

    You can select a badge at any time to modify it and see its ID.


    Icon must be a PNG with a 1:1 aspect ratio!

    Badge icons get cropped to a circle so make sure to keep this in mind when designing your graphic.

Badge Guidelines/Specs


Sample Badges

Need some badges to get you started, or examples to inspire the design for your badge?

👉 Click here to access a few free Badge sample designs for you to use! 👈

Rewarding a Badge

As noted before, badges are rewarded when a user completes a quest. You can add a badge to the Quest Rewards property on any quest. Select the type Badge and pick the badge you want to reward from the dropdown.


The badge ‘Legendary Hero’ will be rewarded upon this quest completion.