Spatial's economy is designed with creators in mind. Its virtual currency, Spatial Coins, allows creators to monetize their content and experiences. By pricing items in Spatial Coins, creators can earn real-world currency when users make purchases within their spaces. This revenue sharing model is fair, transparent, and empowers creators to benefit from their contributions to the platform.

Spatial Coins

Introducing Coins

Spatial Coins allow creators to monetize their content and experiences. Currently, creators can sell universal items, which can be used throughout Spatial in any space, or world items, which can be used within a specific world.

Spatial Coins

Spatial's economy runs on Coins. It is a virtual currency that can be used to purchase content from creators. Coins are purchased with a credit card and allow creators to earn real world currency when cashed out. Coins are not a crypto currency and can only be used and cashed out within Spatial.

Coins use case

Creator Monetization Program (Closed Beta)

We’re looking for your input and feedback! Early users will help shape our monetization platform to ensure that the revenue sharing model is fair, transparent, and empowers creators.

Monetization features are currently in closed beta, and creators wishing to enable this capability will need to sign up for the beta program here.

What can I Sell?

As we develop the platform, we will be providing more ways to monetize. At this moment, you can price Items in Spatial Coins, and those Items cover many different things:

  • Avatars
  • Avatar Animations
  • Avatar Attachments (Aura Effects, Skateboards, Swords, and other accessories)
  • Passes for special areas in your spaces
  • Consumables
  • etc..

The entry point for sales in your spaces is the shop (see Selling Items), and eventually we will also provide a place outside of your space for users to discover your content.

Cash Payout Structure

The following chart shows an estimated breakdown of how money spent on Spatial (via Coins) is distributed.

Cash payout structure

  • Creator Earnings: This percentage is how much a Creator earns from Coins transactions in their experience, after cashing out to their external financial institution.
  • Additional Creator Earnings: Creators on Spatial can earn as much as 50%. This additional 10% is dependent on the types of Coins packages that a user purchases in order to buy items from a Creator. Bigger Coins packages allow Creators to earn a larger percentage (up to 50% total).
  • Spatial Share: Spatial uses this percentage to cover the costs associated with running the platform.
  • App Store Fees: The percentage of revenue that app stores, such as the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, take for transactions that occur on iOS or Android.

When users make purchases using coins in your worlds, you will receive 70% of the coins deposited into your World wallet. This allows you to accumulate earnings that you can either reinvest within the platform or choose to cash out.

Receiving 70% of the coins spent by users in your content ensures a fair share of the revenue generated. You can choose to re-spend your accumulated coins in other experiences, supporting fellow creators, or opt to cash out and convert your earnings into real-world currency. Our revenue share model is designed to empower you as a creator, recognizing and valuing your contributions to the platform.

Spatial Payout Compared to Other Platforms

Monetization Cash Payout Structure - Spatial vs Others

Above is a breakdown of Spatial’s cash payout structure as compared with Roblox, Fortnite (Unreal Engine), and Rec Room based on their public monetization documentation.

Spatial gives creators the highest percentage cash payout compared to all other major UGC gaming platforms on the market today.

Cashing Out

When you monetize on the platform, you have the opportunity to cash out your earnings. To be eligible for cashing out, you need to have a minimum of 18,000 Coins in your account, and those Coins will need to have been in your account for at least 45 days. Each Coin holds a value of $0.0057, and this fixed rate determines the payout per Coin.

The cash-out revenue share ranges between 40% and 50%, depending on the specific Coins package associated with the user who spent the Coins. This means that you will receive 40-50% of the total value of the Coins you cash out, based on the rev share percentage linked to the Coins package.

For instance, if you decide to cash out 20,000 Coins from your Spatial Account, the total value of these Coins amounts to $114, considering the fixed payout rate. However, the actual payout amount may differ depending on the rev share percentage connected to the specific Coins package used for the purchase.

We strive to establish a fair and transparent revenue sharing model that empowers you to benefit from your contributions. By offering the cash-out option, you can convert your virtual currency into real-world earnings, promoting a sustainable ecosystem for user-generated content on our platform.