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Embedded Package

Embedded Package

by Spatial

Bundles functionality including Avatar Animations, Avatar Attachments, Prefab objects, and more.


Embedded Package


Avatar Animation

Avatar Attachment

Embedded Packages

This template demonstrates using an Embedded Package to:

If you want to test this out in your sandbox (or publish!) you’ll need to create a new project configuration and set it up as seen in the Embedded Packages article. Additionally, you’ll need to add the BoomBox C# script to the BoomBox prefab - this script “registers” the boom box prefab object with an object in the scene so it can later be destroyed.

Try it Out

To try out this template:

  • Download the code using the View Code button
  • Import the package into a new Unity project
  • Follow the steps at Creating a Package to set up the configuration for your package type
  • Test the package in your sandbox