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Spatial Starter Template

Spatial Starter Template

by Spatial

Everything you need to build, test, and publish a project with the Spatial Creator Toolkit.

Starter Template


Avatar Animation

Prefab Object




Spatial Starter Template

The Starter Template contains everything you need to get started with the Spatial Creator Toolkit. It includes multiple scenes, prefabs, assets, and more. Use this as a starting point for your Creator Toolkit project, whether you're starting with a new Unity project or using an existing one.

See the Installation page to set up the Creator Toolkit if you haven't done so yet.

What's Included

The Starter Template includes many packages, demonstrating the Creator Toolkit's various features. You can download each package individually if you'd like:

Try it Out

To try out this template:

  • Download the code using the Download Template button
  • Import the package into a new Unity project
  • Follow the steps at Creating a Package to set up the configuration for your package type
  • Test the package in your sandbox