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Simple Car Controller

Simple Car Controller

by Spatial

A simple car controller using a third-party asset found in the Unity Asset Store.



Simple Car Controller

This project demonstrates how to use a third-party car controller from the Unity Asset Store to setup a vehicle to work with Spatial. It uses this asset as a sample, but can also be used as reference for how to create and setup other vehicle controllers for use in Spatial.

Follow the instructions in the README to set up the project and run the sample!

If you want to adapt to another car controller setup, checkout Spatial_SCC.cs for how vehicle input, camera, and sync is implemented in this project.

See Vehicles for a comprehensive guide to implementing vehicles with the Spatial Creator Toolkit.

Try it Out

To try out this template:

  • Download the code using the View Code button
  • Import the package into a new Unity project
  • Follow the steps at Creating a Package to set up the configuration for your package type
  • Test the package in your sandbox