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Camera Modes

Camera Modes

by Spatial

Various camera views and perspectives that can be implemented in Spatial, including first person, selfie, side-scroller, top-down and more.



Visual Scripting


Camera Modes

This sample showcases various camera views and perspectives that can be implemented using the Spatial Virtual Camera. It includes first person, selfie, side-scroller, top-down, over-the-shoulder, and up-close views.

Implemented in both C# and Visual Scripting!

  1. First Person: Experience the world directly through a character's eyes.
  2. Selfie Station: Snap in-game selfies and capture memorable moments.
  3. Camera Shake/Wobble: Feel the intensity of dynamic movements and action-packed scenes.
  4. Side-Scroller: Rediscover classic gaming with a side-view adventure.
  5. Over-the-Shoulder: Engage with a focused, over-the-shoulder perspective.
  6. Top-down: Get a bird’s eye perspective on the environment.
  7. Close-up: Delve deep into details with a magnified look.


  • For Players: Dive into a diverse range of camera perspectives, enhancing gameplay engagement.
  • For Developers: Gain hands-on experience and gather fresh ideas for your next project.

selfie camera mode

sidescroller camera mode

Try it Out

To try out this template:

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