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Avatar Input Control

Avatar Input Control

by Spatial

Override Spatial's avatar input by applying it to another object in the scene. Includes examples in Visual Scripting and C#.



Avatar Animation

Visual Scripting

Avatar Input Control

This project demonstrates overriding Spatial’s avatar input by applying that input to another object in the scene in the context of a simple endless runner.

In the scene there’s three examples:

  • Red cube: uses Visual Scripting to override the input
  • Green cube: uses C# to override the input
  • The DREADMILL: simulates an endless runner where a looping animation is played and the player can move in one of two spots (left or right).


Try it Out

To try out this template:

  • Download the code using the View Code button
  • Import the package into a new Unity project
  • Follow the steps at Creating a Package to set up the configuration for your package type
  • Test the package in your sandbox